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Full Name: Ursula Furman
Occupation: Daiva of Wrath
First Appearance: Page 55
Facto, Daiva of Greed Facto, Daiva of Greed Ursa, Daiva of Wrath
Ursula was given sanctuary by the Virtue Bears, as a youth, after her life was shattered by violence. They made her an “honorary bear” and gave her the nickname of “Ursa”, but with the exception of Justice Bear, they could not let her live down her past. When Justice Bear ultimately became the Devilbear, she became the first Daiva. She thought she was to be the only Daiva, however, and when others came into the fold, she viewed them as a threat to her new “family” and reacted with brutality. Bearalzebub couldn’t bring himself to destroy her, so Ursa was frozen - until a Poquebear visited her...
Now the lost Daiva has returned with jealousy and hatred in her heart. All will know her wrath!

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