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Full Name: Cayenne Pepper
Occupation: Daiva of Gluttony
First Appearance: Page 33

Cayenne, Daiva of Gluttony Cayenne, Daiva of Gluttony Cayenne, Daiva of Gluttony Cayenne was specifically chosen by Lucy to be the Daiva of Gluttony for her cooking abilities. Of course, the uses for those abilities are somewhat meager in a Hell for plush bears, but she doesn’t let that sort of thing bother her for very long. Curiosity is enough to keep her motivation high and she has a lot of questions about the new world that she has entered into. Cayenne’s lack of experience also gives her a more compassionate and less devious mannerism than the other Daivas possess, viewing most teddy bears as ‘cute and cuddly’ rather than just new victims.

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